Skin care routine in Ramadan

Ramadan is the time of year for which people wait eagerly to practice religion more, reconnect with their loved ones and have spiritual observance. During this month, your skin can get damaged because of fasting hours, disturbed sleep schedule, consumption of some unhealthy diets etc. These things can affect your healthy and glowy complexion and can cause dullness and dehydration.

No doubt, it is not the most important thing for you that, how are you looking in Ramadan because it is the time to give more time to religious practices but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your skin care routine. It can be a great time to have a better skin care routine like what are you applying on the skin, what are you having etc. to help you feel and look better.

Gorgeous skin is achievable even if you are fasting, if you are following right skin care routine. Here we are giving some steps to follow during Ramadan and whole summer season to keep your skin fresh and feel better.

Stay hydrated:

We all are very well aware of importance of water for health and beauty benefits but due to its skin preserving powers, it is more needed in Ramadan. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water in the time before suhoor and after iftar because dehydration can make your skin look tired, effect skin’s tones and texture and fine lines more noticeable. Try to consume food rich in water, natural juices having more vitamins, and avoid caffeine.

Moisturize well:

Using a moisturizer regularly helps to maintain the skin moisturized. An important part of your daily life should be the use of moisturizing cream. Your skin probably has lost a lot of moisturizer due to fasting so never forget to apply moisturizer on skin after washing. It is beneficial to avoid wrinkles and maintain moisture in the skin.

Get enough sleep:

Ramadan is the time when sleep schedules get disturbed. People sacrifice the amount of sleep time for eating in suhoor and prayer. Try to take as much time as you can to sleep because during sleep skin cells renew themselves. A good sleep time can also aid to keep away dark circles and saggy eyes.

Avoid smoking:

Unluckily, smoking has become very common these days which is obviously not good for health. Moreover, smoking has extremely harmful effects on skin. It is the cause of becoming skin pale and also the cause of wrinkles and fine lines on skin. Smoking also make you look aged prematurely.

Eat wisely:

It’s better to avoid unhealthy food while breaking Ramadan fast. In Ramadan, people get together in iftar and suhoor gatherings and spend a precious and joyous time together. In these gatherings, people consume unhealthy diets too. Try your best to avoid oily food, fast food etc. To achieve a healthy body and skin, try to add healthy food in your diet like fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. because it will make your skin glow.

Stick to sunscreen:

Try to avoid sunlight as much as you can. Never forget to apply sunscreen on face when you are going out and try to walk in shadow.

Avoid dairy products:

It has been considered that dairy products can cause acne and pimples. So, try to stay away from things made of dairy products to protect your skin.

Skin care routine in Ramadan

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